Vico Purgatorio ad Arco set of L’oro di Napoli


The long, narrow alley Purgatorio ad Arco, a small street off Via dei Tribunali, was the location for the episode "The Professor" of L’Oro di Napoli. At the end of this street Don Ersilio Miccio (Eduardo de Filippo) teaches the alley’s inhabitants of the alley the great art of blowing raspberries. Don Ersilio, "philosopher" of the alley and car park attendant in the evening, distributes his wise councils for payment. His neighbours ask his counsel on the arrogance of a nobleman who has blocked their street with his car. Don Ersilio suggests a "therapy" of "pernacchi" (blowing raspberries). Vico Purgatorio ad Arco is a street off the Decumano Maggiore, in the heart of the historic centre of Naples.